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Journal de bord #11 : Dimanche c’est repos

Le repos des guerriers
Délices et repos sur le pont

Dimanche 19 mai – JOUR 10. Le dimanche, on est off, non? Allez repos! On concocte un petit-déjeuner première classe, on discute sur le pont en prenant le soleil. Comment ça, c’est ce qu’on fait tous les jours depuis que l’océan est calme? On a bien fait, parce que quelque chose me dit que ça ne va pas durer! Pour le goûter on grignote des rondelles d’ananas en écoutant les Rolling Stones.

Jack lantern

Si on a une mission à remplir aujourd’hui, elle est d’ordre culinaire. En effet, le moment est venu de se débarrasser de cette foutue citrouille, parce qu’il n’est pas question de la débarquer à Tonga (question d’honneur!). On la vide, on la cuisine, mais surtout on la grave pour en faire une lanterne. Éternel bricoleur, Darren nous confectionne même un système d’ignition. Nous sommes cependant obligés de repousser la mise à l’eau pour cause de vent trop fort. Oui parce que maintenant qu’on recommence à avoir du vent, il arrive d’en face, ce qui en plus de le rendre inexploitable, nous freine.

Pour le dîner, c’est Ross qui passe derrière les fourneaux, et il ne fait pas les choses à moitié! Filets de poisson fraîchement pêché et petits légumes au four sauce béchamel…tout y est!

Ce soir la cabine avant redevient un tape-cul, à tel point que Steph est allé dormir sur la banquette du salon.

Dans la rubrique bobos en vrac, je ne compte plus mes bleus. Par contre hier je me suis brûlé le poignet en cuisinant, et j’ai des mini coupures au niveau des orteils à cause du sel et l’humidité.


ENGLISH corner : read Stephane’s contribution

If I told you the sunrise was radiant, the deep blue ocean mesmerizing and the food we cooked exquisite – ok, it wasn’t 5 stars, but when you’re on a boat, like camping, everything tastes so much better, like a 100% better – would I be rambling?

As I write my log everyday I realize nothing not much happens. We’re sailing, traveling. If you asked yourself every hour on a car ride to the mountains “oouuhh what’s happened since the last log?” chances are there wouldn’t be that much to say. Yet, life has slowed down since we boarded. By no means had we experienced a fast paced life prior to launching – quite the contrary, life was languid and lush and timed as we deemed. Our minds and souls have undeniably adapted and connected to a rhythm not of our crafting but determined by a force which is now bound to us – sounds cheesy right? The world is quiet, and my senses inversed, perception has changed. We’re not bored. Everyday is a featureless adventure.

We put the sail up for the first time in 3 or 4 days even though the wind is still on the nose. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. The seasonal winds shouldn’t be blowing this way, so they’re going to shift. Right? Just in case, we’ll pull her up, if at all, just for the exercise.

My 8 to 10 shift was during the party we hosted. Indeed, at times, when the world is not asleep we party. Remember how much Jack Sparrow liked rum? Well I like Jack Sparrow. In fact we all like Jack Sparrow.

Speaking of Jacks, Sandie, Darren and I have been working on a Jack lantern. It was a bet, so before you judge us for being reckless know that we didn’t set it off or ignite it, although we did try. My candlewick was a dud. We tried to make a sulfur soup out of the millions of matches we had stocked. No go. Darren wanted to cook up diesel to make a fire mix but conceded: “it’s probably not the best thing to do on a boat.” We stuck it to the stern of the vessel, facing out, as pirates would’ve done, and sailed on.

Since I don’t have anything better to tell about this grateful day, I’d add a poem from the book that I was reading at the time. I found it rather suiting for the experience at large that we were all living:

“Go as a pilgrim and seek out danger

Far from the comfort and well lit avenue of life

Pit your soul against the unknown


Only then will you be at peace with yourself

And be able to say

I looked down on the far side of the mountain

And fulfilled, and understanding all, and truly content

I lived a life that was my own”

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