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management &

I am a perfectionist, my head is filled with classified, arranged, sorted boxes. It is very useful to help entrepreneurs and small businesses get organised, optimise their time and manage their team.

copywriting &

Creative writing, editing, proofreading, correction, but also translation from French to English and vice versa...

I write articles, mood posts, slogans, profiles, trend report...


My method called COCOYO Conscience Confidence Yoga is a complete coaching program to find your mind & body routine and learn to make space for your well-being. 

Gain confidence, manage 

emotions, find balance between giving and taking, communicate...

We tackle every subject both in the mind and the body simultaneously, for a more concrete comprehension and assimilation.

Coming soon...

public speaking

I offer customised support : 

online sessions to prepare for a one-off event, to meet a specific performance need, or a few sessions to refine your strategy, determine the placement of your voice (projection, modulation, intonation, articulation...) as well as finalise your approach (job interview, team meeting, conference, webinar...) 

Tenant un microphone


I teach collective and individual classes of integral yoga. Shantyoga is a holistic and complete yoga of Nature. The practice includes vinyasa flows of variable intensity and specific focus on pranayama breathing exercices and techniques, concentration, relaxation and meditation.

Sharing the energy and philosophy of yoga as a whole is what drives me.



My bioenergy healings are protocole-free.

Face to face or remotely, the healing responds to your condition at a given moment. It can be carried out with the aim of relieving a physical or emotional discomfort, as it can meet a more general need for well-being, without any instructions necessary.

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