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Hi there ! I am Sandie.

How did I become a slasher ?

By nurturing my freedom and whatever subject peaks my interest.

I have spent the past 20 years exploring the vast area of Communication from all angles: I worked with words, written and spoken; visuals, captured and shown; ideas, argued and suggested. Today I am also a yoga instructor and a bioenergy therapist.
I thrive on using this combined experience to help both individuals and corporations to reveal their full potential, whether it is to write the perfect pitch, master public speaking, learn time management or simply gain confidence through a complete mind and body synergy

My method is highly adaptable and includes unconventional techniques such as theatre exercices, breathing, meditation and creative writing workshops.
I offer tailored support, from the occasional digital meeting to prepare for a specific event, a few hours to finalise a strategy, to a much longer follow-up and coaching experience.

Previous positions include Business Affairs Executive at the BBC, Communication and Marketing Director for MAXIMUS, Project Manager at EDIT PLACE, Reader at the CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA CINÉMATOGRAPHIE, Lecturer and Teacher at EFAP Paris and Production Executive at RECTANGLE PRODUCTIONS.

I graduated with an MA in Audiovisual Communication at EFAP Paris in 2004 and have lived and worked across Canada, New-Zealand, the United-Kingdom, France and India.


My journey

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